Help & FAQ

Q: How do you register your company?

A: To register you have to insert your company's name, a valid e-mail and a password in the registration field, which is located on Before you register, we recomend you click the 'How does it work' button for extra information.

Q: How do I create my company's profile?

A: When you are successfully registered, go to Account, where you can fill in the information about your company, which will be displayed in your Profile. This information will be visible to any company, which looks at your profile.

Q: What is 'Buywords' and 'Sellwords'?

A: Buywords are things that your Company wants to buy. A Buyword can be a raw material, service or any thing else that your Company is willing to buy at the moment. Other Companies will be able to find your Buywords.

Sellwords are things that your Company sells. A sellword can be any material, product or service which you offer.

Any Sellword and Buyword, which you add, will be displayed in the News section.

Q: What is the 'News section'?

A: The News section is a place, where you can post your Company's announcements or other information, which you want to tell your favourite Companies.

Any Sellword and Buyword, which you add, will be displayed in the News section.

Q: What is 'Favourite Companies'?

A: It's a list of Companies, which you are following. You can add a new Favourite Company by visiting this Company's profile and clicking the 'Favourite' button. From that moment this Company will see all the News, which you post.

You can Unfavourite any Company from your list by clicking the 'Unfavourite' button in the Company’s profile.

Q: What is 'Profile'?

A: Profile is your company's business card. This is how other registered companies see you at

Q: What is 'Business hours'?

A: Business hours is a table of your company's opening times. Set up your opening times so other users know the right time to contact you. Business hours will automatically be converted to your timezone.

Q: What is 'Conversations'?

A: Conversations is the place where you can see all your sent and received messages to and from other companies.

Q: What is 'Favourited by'?

A: That's the list of companies which chose you as their favourite.

Q: What is 'Profile views'?

A: That is the list of companies who have visited your profile.

Q: How can I invite someone to join

A: You can send an invitation e-mail by clicking the Invite button. Invited companies will be automatically added to your favourites.